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Wine Tasting Perfected with
Digital Flair

Welcome to Black Candy, where innovation meets sophistication.  At Black Candy, we understand that every bottle of wine holds a unique story, a symphony of flavors waiting to be unlocked. That’s why we’ve developed our state-of-the-art Digital Wine Aerator – to ensure that each glass you pour offers the full depth and character intended by the winemaker.


Revolutionize Your Wine Rituals

Exposing the whisky to air through decanting can enhance its flavours and aromas. This process, known as aeration, allows the whisky to 'breathe' and potentially evolve in taste.

Aerating your wine will help accelerate the evaporation of less favorable sulfites and ethanol compounds of wine.

Boost flavors: Aerating boosts your wine's more favorable tasting and nose notes by removing those less favorable ones.

Elevate Every Sip

Digital Wine Aerator

Adjustable Dispensing Settings: The dispenser allows for customizable wine quantities ranging from 30 to 999ml, ensuring precision in pouring without the concern of overflow.

Automatic Stop Function: After dispensing the set quantity of wine, the dispenser automatically stops, eliminating the risk of overfilling. This feature enhances convenience and avoids spills.