Return & Refund Policy

  • We accept the return of our product till 14 days from when you received your parcel. But we need the proper reason behind why you want to return or refund.
  • After knowing your reason we can change ourselves if there are any mistakes from our side and make ourselves more perfect.
  • Your suggestion means a lot for us.
  • Your request is in queue, maybe it will take some time for accepting your request and you can contact our supporting team.
  • We will try our best to pick up our best courier partner and if this is not possible then we can request you to send the courier to our address and we will give you the courier's charge upto 120 Rs.
  • First you need to send us the courier receipt to our email and try to cooperate with the courier service provider.
  • If you buy our product by using any discount & promo code we are able to refund you only an adjusted amount.
  • The shopping charge won’t be refunded; you can see the shipping charge in the bill or invoice.
  • Those items which are on sale won’t be refunded.