• History told that humans started to wear the clothes before 100,000 to 500,000 years ago. After the invention of sewing machines they started to wear stitched clothes.
  • Early twenty-first century the Davis & Co. started first to make the shirt. The placket of the cotton & fabrics gives the strength and flexibility where the shirt is buttoned.
  • Then after it requires the reinforcement of the chest and back of the shirt and also requires removing the collar bones which were made from brass. On the other side the good quality shirt did not have the chest pocket to carry pens, cigarettes and other items.
  • In the starting of the twentieth century the stand-up collar turned into turndown-collar. There were many changes of the collar in the twentieth century so the this century known as great evolution of the collar. The cutaway collar becomes the first choice for younger generation.
  • Hand wash is more preferable than washing in a machine; it maintains your shirt quality more batter.