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Multi Digital Printed Super Soft Giza Cotton Shirt

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  • Delivery available in all India.
  • Delivered within 7-10 business days.
  • Brand: "Blackcandy"
  • Color: Multi Digital Printed
  • Cuffs: Regular Cuff
  • Fit Type: Regular Fit
  • Collar: Regular Collar
  • Sleeves: Full Sleeves/Half Sleeves
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Pattern: Digital Printed
  • Occasion: Formal
  • Multi Digital Printed Super Soft Giza Cotton Shirt is made of 100% premium quality organic cotton.
  • Experience our Premium Giza Cotton Shirt. Made by one of the finest cotton collection. Light weight and soft to touch. You must have fabric in your apparel.
  • A stunning light blue textured checked that feels just as amazing as it looks. From BlackCandy's premium Goldmine collection, this twill draws its divine smoothness from the Giza 45 Egyptian cotton from which it’s made as well as the 140s 2-ply construction of its weave.
  • Due to extreme-fine and long staple, Giza 45 yields fabrics that are exceptionally soft with unparalleled durability. This twill is incredibly smooth, drapes beautifully, and has just a hint of shine that brings out a lovely vibrancy in pattern. Give you perfect look with a suit or under a jacket.


  • Blackcandy takes care of its customers for that reason it will try to provide its customers what they actually want.
  • Blackcandy uses one of the best materials from the best places all over India. The absorbing & stretching resistant material gives you more comfortness and relaxation when it's on you.
  • The silky texture and the proper stitching gives you a perfect professional look. Blackcandy and it’s designing team is very sensitive about its fashion so that we can change our fashion in short terms. So choose your favorite ones before they disappear.
  • The lightweight & premium quality material suitable for all the seasons and occasions.
  • Deep research on body measurement by our designing team will get tailored fit and the perfect pattern.
  • Full/half sleeve.
  • Suitable for all the age groups.
  • The collar stays in its place because of the invisible button down the collar.
  • You need to take care while washing the shirt and the more information you can see on the label.
  • Make your apparel casual with the classic collection of Blackcandy.
  • High quality looks of Blackcandy will not fail to catch your beauty at a single peek.

Washing items

  • While washing you need to wash in mild water & avoid additive-free detergent & bleacher.
  • DO NOT wash with dark colored clothes.
  • Easy to machine washable and DON’T scrub or wrings.
  • Avoid drying the shirt in heavy sunlight, cool wind is perfect for Blackcandy.
  • Hand wash is more preferable than washing in a machine; it maintains your shirt quality more batter.
  • Instead of hot iron the steam iron is more preferable.
  • Dry cleaning is NOT recommended.
  • DO NOT allow yourself to concentrate on the specific areas by the detergent to the garments.
  • And the more information about you can see on the label.


  • History told that humans started to wear the clothes before 100,000 to 500,000 years ago. After the invention of sewing machines they started to wear stitched clothes.
  • Early twenty-first century the Davis & Co. started first to make the shirt. The placket of the cotton & fabrics gives the strength and flexibility where the shirt is buttoned.
  • Then after it requires the reinforcement of the chest and back of the shirt and also requires removing the collar bones which were made from brass. On the other side the good quality shirt did not have the chest pocket to carry pens, cigarettes and other items.
  • In the starting of the twentieth century the stand-up collar turned into turndown-collar. There were many changes of the collar in the twentieth century so the this century known as great evolution of the collar. The cutaway collar becomes the first choice for younger generation.
  • Hand wash is more preferable than washing in a machine; it maintains your shirt quality more batter.

Return & Refund Policy

  • We accept the return of our product till 14 days from when you received your parcel. But we need the proper reason behind why you want to return or refund.
  • After knowing your reason we can change ourselves if there are any mistakes from our side and make ourselves more perfect.
  • Your suggestion means a lot for us.
  • Your request is in queue, maybe it will take some time for accepting your request and you can contact our supporting team.
  • We will try our best to pick up our best courier partner and if this is not possible then we can request you to send the courier to our address and we will give you the courier's charge upto 120 Rs.
  • First you need to send us the courier receipt to our email and try to cooperate with the courier service provider.
  • If you buy our product by using any discount & promo code we are able to refund you only an adjusted amount.
  • The shopping charge won’t be refunded; you can see the shipping charge in the bill or invoice.
  • Those items which are on sale won’t be refunded.

Cash on delivery policy

  • Cash On Delivery is available all over India.
  • And it was mutual understanding between the customer & the seller.
  • The shipping charge can be applied according to the area.
  • Card payment is not available in the COD.
  • If you have any query related to the delivery you can contact us on: +91 94849 94850.

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